Swan Hotel





Booking Conditions



We keep our small-print simple but we have to have some conditions because we’re a small business!


Our guest rooms are located above our bar/restaurant – they do experience noise levels which are increased at weekends when we are at our most busiest and we may be subject to external street noise which we have no control over.  We are an historic Grade II listed building and are not permitted to install double-glazing.

We have a weekly quiz night every Wednesday from 8.30pm until 11pm and a monthly Live Music night on the last Saturday of each month which should end at midnight.  If you have any concerns about these events affecting you during a stay, please call us for further information.


Additional Charges

We don’t like doing it, but we may have to apply additional charges to guest cards for costs incurred in repairing/replacing damaged items, or lost/misplaced keys or in cases where additional cleaning is required.


Provisional Bookings

We will accept “provisional bookings” made in advance – usually for groups needing to secure several rooms perhaps for weddings/parties.  We don’t normally like to take any bookings more than 12 months in advance but we will help where we can.  Usually, if you make a provisional booking, our staff will make an arranged date with you when the rooms need to be confirmed by.  You should supply contact details and we will make every effort to contact you by the arranged date before we release any un-confirmed rooms back to sale to other guests.  If you are organising a wedding and need to secure rooms for your potential guests, you will then advise those guests to contact us direct to confirm and pay a deposit on the room being held on a provisional basis for you.


Confirmed Bookings

All confirmed bookings must be secured with a deposit of one nights stay per room booked.  Deposits are fully refundable with seven days notice of cancellation BUT if a guest is unable to give seven days notice and we were not full for the evening of your stay, or we manage to re-sell the room to another guest, we will refund your deposit in full – that’s only fair as technically, we would not of lost a room sale!